SunShineSimple 100ah Lithium Power Station

Sunshine Simple Solar Lithium Power Generator with Multiple Panel Options. *More solar panels allows you to charge the unit in just half the time!*

*Simple & Effective!*

Inverter: 2000 Watt Continuous / 4000W Peak; Modified Sine Wave Battery: 100ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 1280Wh (watt hours) 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller. Can handle up to 250 watt of solar panels. Digital voltage meter & two 5V 2.1A USB ports 2 AC Outlets - with On/Off Power Button. Prevents battery draining when not in use.

External Power Panel – two 5V 3.0 QC USB ports. Charges 3X faster than standard USB ports. One 12V outlet (cigarette lighter style) for DC loads up to 150 watts, and an on/off button to prevent battery draining when not in use.

Battery Maintenance System – AC wall charger. Keeps the battery charged without the use of solar panels. This is the key to maximum longevity and protection of your battery storage. 25 ft Solar Cable – to connect the solar panel Weighs 40lbs

And for a limited time, we currently offer FREE shipping anywhere in the United States (Usually $165). Use it every day to save money on your electrical bill. And it's so light and portable you can even throw it in your car to evacuate. This entire unit, including the solar panel, weighs less than 60 pounds. It also has wheels for transport. When you receive this unit, you simply take it from the box and plug one cable from the solar panel into the box, and THAT'S IT. You're ready to enjoy free power from the sun.

The generator is larger then our other units but not in weight (about the size of a large suitcase) and has standard 120-volt electrical outlets, and SSB to charge your devices You can plug your normal A.C. devices directly into those outlets, or run an extension cord, with a power strip, to put the electricity wherever it's needed.

The unit has a 100ah Lithium Battery made from the same technology as used in Tesla cars to provide the maximum possible battery life. This is not even close to to the units sold and giving confusing readings in ma hours. This is the top of the food chain in all portable units.

Traditional gas generators are noisy, smelly, and can be hard to start. Plus, what happens when you run out of fuel? The Sunshine Simple is quiet. It has no moving parts, and can be charged completely by the sun alone. You can put the panels anywhere the sun shines. This advanced unit, with the large 200-watt panel, can be fully charged by the sun in 1-4 hours, depending on location, o rientation, and time of year.

Additionally, the unit comes with a wall plug you can use to charge it up anytime.

This is in effect a small Tesla like wall but made into a portable solar case and panels you can put out when needed during an emergency or to save money on your power bill every day.

IRON CLAD WARRANTY: You're protected! The warranty is for one, full year on parts and labor and 90 days on the battery (the battery can last for years so long as you don't ever let it sit completely dead for a long time). If something goes wrong, just send it back (or whatever parts seem to be the culprits--we'll advise you) and we'll exchange it at no cost, as quickly as possible (excluding obvious abuse or acts of God beyond our control). If something goes wrong after that year, we'll help fix it as low-cost as possible. Regardless of the situation, we want you to be satisfied so you'll tell your friends good things about us and you'll keep coming back.


Of course, this varies, since there are so many different types of products in your house that consume power at a different rate under different circumstances. The first thing we suggest is making sure you have energy efficient products. For example:

A 60-watt incandescent lamp bulb can be switched out with a 7-watt LED light bulb. You get the same output with only 10% of the energy draw. The unit can power big stuff, like a refrigerator, but it's best to put it on a timer or switch so that it's cooled intermittently and does not constantly run. This will greatly extend your available power.

But remember, your unit is constantly charging every day!

This is a rough estimate of average use for various products on one charge:

  • * Cordless Phone (talk)10 hrs., (standby) 225 hours
  • * Cell Phone (talk) 30 hrs. (standby) 225 hours
  • * Internet Modem 300 hours
  • * Inkjet Printer 80 hours of heavy use
  • * Laptop Computer 20 watts, 60 hours (convert to Tablet and is 400 hours)
  • * 20" LCD Monitor 52 watts, 16 hours (convert to Tablet and is 400 hours)
  • * Table Lamp 60 watts, 12.5 hours (convert to an LED bulb and it's 200 hours)
  • * 13" TV using 38 watts, 32 hours (convert to Tablet and is 400 hours)
  • * Desktop Computer using 200 watts, 6 hours (convert to Tablet and is 400 hours)

Though you can run a 1500 watt heater fan with the generator, and you probably can run an electric heater in emergencies, we do not suggest relying on the solar units for electric backup power for heating, cooling or cooking use. It is better to cook with gas or wood when possible and make far better use of your resources.

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Sunshine Simple Lithium Power Station with 2 100 watt Solar Panels $2195.00

Note: If you have a custom application we can build and customize unit to your needs. Adding panels or make design changes as needed. Each of these units is custom built for you in our labs.