Worlds Most Powerful
Solar Generators For The Price
System starting at $598 shipped

Worlds Most Powerful
Solar Generators For The Price
System starting at $598 shipped

What we are

We Are A Company Based In Western North Carolina With A Long History Of Building Portable Solar Systems In Our Labs.

Whether you are an experienced prepper or survivalist, or just a person who is tired of wasting money on the "grid," you will quickly see how our products can help you, and why they are so popular in every U.S. state and in countries around the globe.
Please explore our products, and rest assured that every order is given personal attention and customer support. Our staff can also customize products to fit your specific needs.

Why Choose Us

We Have Over 12 Years Of Building Portable Solar Energy Systems With 1000s Of Units Sold. We Also Repair And Maintain The Systems We Sell.

The success of our generators has allowed our business to quickly expand, and we are now excited to offer an ever-growing line of complementary equipment and accessories. They are all designed to give you personal energy independence, and environmental awareness, while saving you money on your bills from here on out.


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Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About SunShineSimple

A Barnes.

My 1800 watt Sunshine Simple solar panel system is quiet,easy to use and allows me to be confident I will be able to connect with the outside world and have the power if there are any problems with the outside world. I ran the cord from the solar panel under my house and up into my kitchen/den area and is easy to run power with extension cords to where I need it. I love the fact it also can be charged on a cloudy day from the AC mails so is always ready when a blackout happens. With multiple AC outlets I can do several things at one time. The handles and wheels allow this to be easily rolled across the floor to where I need to use it. It has given me great service and if I have any questions, I can always email Mobius and he provides fantastic customer service after the sell. It has really been a good investment.

B. Muldor

The new SS Jr is awesome!! I had one hand crafted by Mobius, the engineer who created it.. It is so compact that it can fit in a briefcase and still provide over 400 watts of power! With the included jumper cables, USB ports and standard electrical receptacles, it is equipped for any emergency situation. That's why it's in my vehicle all the time and ready when I am.. Don't be without one!

P. Schmidt

They made us a custom unit we use for our lab backup power. Mobius worked with us to design exactly what we needed and has provided almost instant support when we had questions. I believe these are the best portable solar back up units now made and would not hesitate to suggest to anyone this is the best in the industry at what they do.

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