400-watt Solar Generator with a Folding, 40-watt panel $495.00

*Perfect for smaller budgets, campers, and those who want to keep things as lightweight as possible!*

And for a limited time, we currently offer FREE shipping anywhere in the United States (Usually $75). This entire setup weighs less than 50 pounds. It's the smallest, most compact generator we offer. This little unit is perfect in emergencies for powering radio equipment, computers, recharging your phones, etc. It's a JOY to take camping. Our Junior model is built specifically to be extremely easy to transport and use.

IRON CLAD WARRANTY: You're protected! The warranty is for one, full year on parts and labor and 90 days on the battery (the battery can last for years so long as you don't ever let it sit completely dead for a long time). If something goes wrong, just send it back (or whatever parts seem to be the culprits--we'll advise you) and we'll exchange it at no cost, as quickly as possible (excluding obvious abuse or acts of God beyond our control). If something goes wrong after that year, we'll help fix it as low-cost as possible. Regardless of the situation, we want you to be satisfied so you'll tell your friends good things about us and you'll keep coming back.

SunShine Simple Jr System